The History of Beach Chairs

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The origin of the beach chair is surrounded by speculation, however many of the stories are interesting if not amusing. In Germany in the 1870's, there is the story of the elderly woman who was stricken with rheumatism, yet wanted to have a comfortable beach holiday. She employed a local basket maker, Wilhelm Bartelmann from Rostock, to make her a seat for some comfort and protection from the winds. This, somewhat primitive, Beach Chair became known as the Strandkorb, or "hooded beach chair". 

This 1-seater rather resembled a large box more than a beach chair and had a strong vertical alignment. The first 2-seater beach chair, constructed a short time afterwards, in 1883 went more into the direction of our current aesthetic expectations regarding a beach chair. Users could stretch out their whole bodies with this new model and in the same year the first beach chairs could be rented. So, with the beginning of the 20th century the beach chair had been well established as a common furniture along the beaches.


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